Monday, March 23, 2009

skipping iui again this month

Well, I found out that I had a cyst on my left ovary so the doctor doesnt want to stimulate my ovaries this month, said it could cause alot of pain due to the cyst.. I told him I dont mind the pain... plzzz let me be in pain, anything to get pregnant, well that didnt work at all in my favor. So they are puting me on birth control pills for two weeks to guarantee that the cyst will go away. They said that we could do the next iui right after easter.... GEEESHHH What else could go wrong. This is our 4th month now that we had to put off iui, the last one we did was back in november. Maybe this is a sign that my time is now here for me to finally conceive... Lets hope next month will be the month. This will be our last try for iui for now, our next step would be to save for ivf, which is almost impossible to save in a timely manner, I just want to get pregnant while my health is still doing pretty well, And as for my husband, well his arthritis keeps flairing up , he needs to go back on the sperm killing drug, and I think that its only fair to him to get him back on it before his health gets worse also. So if it doesnt work than we will just need to take a break.... We will see what happens... Bye for now.


  1. Sorry to hear that the doc put you off, but I would guess it's for the best. I hope everything next month goes well!

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by and reading my blog! I'll be praying that everything goes well for you and your hubby. That can be such a trying time...

    I did know about the alternate way for CF males to have kids and I've always planned on having them just take my "baby batter" out. I understand though that the process can be about 10k a pop. My kids are going to have a lot of chores to pay off that debt!!!!

    Thanks again!!!!