Friday, July 24, 2009

13 weeks

Hey everyone, just wanted to give you an update, can you beleive that I am already 13 weeks and everything is going great so far, I have gained 5 pounds and my belly is getting bigger and bigger I think as I speak. I havent had any morning sickness, just been really really irritable, now that im hitting the 2nd trimester it is finnally tappering off. We did the first trimester screening and everything went well, said I should be ok and that baby only has a 1-5500 chance of having downs syndrome. We are getting so excited , I cannot wait until I can feel the baby move. The end of next month we will find out what we are having, I dont really care what it is as long as its healthy. Here is my 12 week ultrasound picture, I will keep you updated on the next ultrasound. Thanks for reading and take care. xxxx