Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Sorry I havent wrote in a while, I have been busy going crazy trying to find out if this was real or not. I tested the first time on May 18th and got a faint BFP tested everyday and they started getting darker and darker. Confirmed the pregnancy at the doctors on Friday the 22nd. OMG We are finally having a baby, I cannot beleive it! My due date is around January 31st give or take, and I have been babying myself ever since I found out. It took us 4 rounds of artificial insemination and now I can say that Im going to be a mommy. Thanks so much for reading and god bless you all, also for all the women out there still trying to get pregnant, whatever you do ..... DO NOT GIVE UP, it will work just try and try again. ((((HUGS))) TaKE Care everyone!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Not much going on

well I am 7 dast past my iui (artificial insemination) and I have the usuall symptoms since last time I had this done, it unfortunate that all the fertility meds mimic being pregnant so who knows if its pregnant symptoms or medicine side effects. I do still feel positive. This time we had a different room , and different person doing the insemination, hopefully this will be our baby!! Im keeping my fingers crossed. My health is still staying good as well, no respitory problems since last October thank goodness, I have another cf appointment next tuesday, I am suppose to take a pregnancy test on Friday...too bad I couldnt take it before going to cf doctor, that would be great to let my lung doc know that we are finally pregnant after almost two years of trying and 7 months going to reproductive doctor. So hopefully the next time that I will post , it will be a BFP!!! Type at you all later.... God Bless you!! ((((HUGS))) Candi

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Been a bad bad blogger

Im sorry everyone, I have not blogged in a while, my last iui was a bust, I think I just needed a little time to re gather my thoughts and suck it up. I really thought that this was my time but I guess it wasnt. We are doing another iui this friday, I know im crazy to put myself into this position again but I think that having a baby is soo worth the pain of waiting to find out if it takes or not. The past iui's I wasnt very positive, I WILL SAY THAT... tHIS time, I feel deep down that its going to work, I have not had any negative thoughts this month, we also have 4 mature follicles so hoping that one of those babies will fertilize. I feel very relaxed this month. Thank you all that has shown a great support in me, its nice to know that I a have angels up above as well watching over me.. another note.... The cf walk went nicely this last weekend, the rain moved out for us yaaaa I thought we were going to get soaked... Our group the Miracle Angels raised about 800 dollors woo hoooo, I was hoping for more but we only had a month to get our donations, hopefully next year we can get a head start! Thanks to Ronnie Sharpe... another cfer... He was so sweet and helped me with my online letters....Thanks again Ronnie...((((hugs))) God bless you alll..... Candi