Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Been a bad bad blogger

Im sorry everyone, I have not blogged in a while, my last iui was a bust, I think I just needed a little time to re gather my thoughts and suck it up. I really thought that this was my time but I guess it wasnt. We are doing another iui this friday, I know im crazy to put myself into this position again but I think that having a baby is soo worth the pain of waiting to find out if it takes or not. The past iui's I wasnt very positive, I WILL SAY THAT... tHIS time, I feel deep down that its going to work, I have not had any negative thoughts this month, we also have 4 mature follicles so hoping that one of those babies will fertilize. I feel very relaxed this month. Thank you all that has shown a great support in me, its nice to know that I a have angels up above as well watching over me.. another note.... The cf walk went nicely this last weekend, the rain moved out for us yaaaa I thought we were going to get soaked... Our group the Miracle Angels raised about 800 dollors woo hoooo, I was hoping for more but we only had a month to get our donations, hopefully next year we can get a head start! Thanks to Ronnie Sharpe... another cfer... He was so sweet and helped me with my online letters....Thanks again Ronnie...((((hugs))) God bless you alll..... Candi

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